The objective of the URC/CIC is to help investigators at all stages of their projects:

  • Project writing: assistance in methodological aspects (in collaboration with biostatisticians and methodologists), regulatory and administrative tasks and budget preparation. You can contact Dr Hendy Abdoul, who will coordinate all the competences of the structure to help you.
  • Funding: in general, this step has to be done at the same time than project writing. We emphasize the need to contact us as soon as possible, because of the large number of requests in the last days before closing dates of grant calls.
  • Regulatory documents: this step is carried out in close collaboration with the DRCD. Your contact will be a project manager of our structure, who will coordinate all the functions related to URC and DRCD: data management , quality assurance, pharmaceutical aspect, budget, conventions, …
  • Patient inclusion:
    • support for data acquisition: nurses, clinical research assistants, midwives, dieticians , psychologists, Medical doctors, …
    • control of regulatory compliance and data quality (for example, checking of consent forms signatures).
  • Data management and analysis: at the end of enrolment and patients follow-up, a methodologist will take in charge data management and analysis. It can be done within our structure with Prs Coste and Ravaud groups (Centre d’épidémiologie Clinique Hôtel Dieu), or in an external structure.
  • Scientific articles and reports writing: our structure has to be mentioned in publications, as defined by an agreement between investigators and URC/CIC. Secondly, publication shall be made in accordance with the recommendations of supervisory organs.