Readability and patient information: a tool at your disposal

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The Flesch index is an objective tool to evaluate the complexity of a text. It was originally used in the field of education in order to adapt textbooks at the student level.


So far, this index was only available in English. In collaboration with our colleagues from HEGP, we developed this index for French language




Vous pouvez l’utilisez pour votre usage personnel. En cas d’utilisation à but commercial ou de publication, nous vous remercions de nous contacter.Pour l’utiliser, il vous suffit de cliquer sur un des deux liens ci dessous en fonction de la langue de votre texte et de  copier ce texte dans le cadre.


Hélène Chappuy, F. Gourmelon

Interpretation of Flesch indices obtained

Flesch indices
Nb of words / sentence Nb of syllables / per word
Stylistic level Magazine type
grade level
0 to 30 29 and more 1,92 and more Very difficult Scientific University
30 to 50 25 1,67 Difficult Academic College
50 to 60 21 1,55 Fairly difficult Quality High school
60 à 70 17 1,47 Standard Digests 7-8th
70 to 80 14 1,39 Fairly easy Slick fiction 6th
80 to 90 11 1,31 Easy Pulp fiction 5th
90 to 100 8 or less 1,23 or less Very easy comics 4th